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  1. What is the SLA (Service Level Agreement) for load balancers?

    We ensure 99.95% uptime for your load balancers.

  2. What is the Guaranteed response time of Support requests ?

    Support requests are answered on a best effor style usualy in less than a few hours.
    Opening hours schedule: monday to friday, 7:00 AM - 15:00 PM GMT (9:00 AM - 17:00 PM Paris CET)

  3. Do I need a credit card to try Pikacloud?

    No, we offer free credits to test Pikacloud services. Credit card is required only to refund your account.

  4. How is behind Pikacloud?

    Pikacloud is the latest product built by a passionate team who runs multiple web services since 2003.
    Pikacloud is operated by a dedicated team of full time engineers.

  1. Data storage and backup policy

    Pikacloud saves your data on a regular basis. Minimal backup frequency is daily. Data are encrypted and stored in a remote datacenter.

  2. Private and sensitive data

    Pikacloud encrypts sensitive data you upload. We do not store unencrypted plain passwords, keys or other private information.

  3. Credit card and banking information

    Pikacloud do not store any information regarding your credit card number or bank account.
    Credit card information are stored and used only by your credit card processor Stripe.

  4. Reporting a security issue

    You found a security issue exploiting a Pikacloud vulnerability ? We will be happy if you contact us at

  5. Privacy policy

    Pikacloud keep your personal information safe. We do not share or sell your private information to any third party.

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