Load balancers introduction

Pikacloud load balancers distributes web requests to your website. You can easily achieve load balancing and failover of your website hosted in multiple servers, virtual machines or containers.

Pikacloud load balancers work with all applications served via HTTP or HTTPS requests.

Load balancers are available worldwide to ensure fast browsing.

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Load balancers description

A Pikacloud load balancer distributes incoming web application requests accross multiple servers you own. It allows you to create fault tolerant and horizontal scaling web applications.

Pikacloud offers advanced load balancing for the application layer (OSI layer 7). You can load balance HTTP and HTTPS traffic with SSL offloading and HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) support, websocket support included.

Load balancers are associated with domain names. One load balancer can distribute traffic for multiple websites and servers.

HTTP requests and responses can be modified with a set of rules like Host header rewriting or URL rewriting.

Load balancers global availability

Create load balancers near your application servers within our 6 points of presence:

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Create highly available applications:

  • Configure one member of a load balancer as a backup server. If all others servers are dead, traffic will be redirected to that backup server.

  • Automatic health checks detects if one of your servers become unhealthy. The load balancer stops to send trafic to that host until it becomes healthy again.

  • Traffic can be distributed to servers by using a Round Robin algorithm. If your application do not have a session sharing mecanism (sessions in Memcache, Redis...), you can use a Sticky session mecanism to distribute requests based on your users IP address.

  • Configure an automatic redirection to HTTPS.

Pikacloud guarantees a Service Level Agreement of 99.5% uptime for load balancers.


SSL certificates can be attached to load balancers. Pikacloud provides secure HTTPS endpoint for your applications with always updated best practices covering all known security flaws in encryption protocols. Optional HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) rewards you with a A+ grade from SSL Labs.

You can generate free SSL certificates in a single click thanks to Pikacloud Certificate manager. You can also import your own certificates (x509 format).

Load balancers metrics

Advanced configuration settings

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