Docker private registry as a service

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Pikacloud Docker private registry is a service used to store your private Docker images.

Pikacloud private registry service is fully compatible with Docker clients supporting Docker registry API in version 2. Pikacloud registry implementation is based on the official Docker registry server.

Pikacloud automaticaly scans and reports security problems of Docker images pushed to the registry.

Registry can be integrated to your system with notifications and webhooks.

Specific registry permissions can be given to other Pikacloud users.

API driven

You can fully manage your Docker registries with Pikacloud API.

One click Docker private registry

Push and pull your Docker images using Pikacloud private registry:

  • Subscribe to the Docker registry service by clicking on the sign up button on this page.

  • Create a Docker Registry in the "Run" tab of your dashboard (or with Pikacloud API and tools).

  • Login to your docker client. You can now push and pull Docker images to your new private registry.

  • Allow Pikacloud users with admin, write or read-only permission to your repository.

  • Integrate other services with webhooks and notifications (email, Slack, Hipchat). Triggers come from selected registry events.

  • Ensure your Docker images are secure by using the registry embedded security scanner. Registry security scanner can found security flaws in Docker images based on Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Centos, Oracle Linux, Alpine Linux and rely also on the NVD source to find various security problems in software.

Pikacloud guarantees a Service Level Agreement of 99.5% uptime for Docker registry, based on pull and push availability.

Create your Docker private registry for free

Sign up for a free account and receive €5 of credits (~16GB of storage) to create your Docker private registry and push some images.