DNS as a service

Pikacloud DNS zones hosting service is a highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) cloud service.

DNS goal is to route user from a domain name like example.com to a server with a public IP address.

Pikacloud supports the following DNS record type: A, MX, NS, TXT, CNAME, ALIAS (like a CNAME record but for domain root also knowns as zone Apex).

You can manage your DNS zones and records with our API and tools.

DNS network global availability

Pikacloud runs DNS servers all around the world to achieve high availability.

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Ease of use

Create and manage your DNS zone by simply:

  • Subscribe to the DNS service by clicking on the sign up button on this page.

  • Create a DNS zone that can store DNS records for your domain. Once created 4 NS records will be linked to your zone. You have to reference these 4 nameservers at your domain registar. You don't have to ask for transfer of your domain to Pikacloud.

  • Create records with the web interface or with the help of our API and tools.

Pikacloud guarantees a Service Level Agreement of 99.5% uptime for DNS zone hosting based on DNS servers availability.

Try DNS hosting for free

Sign up for a free account and receive €5 of credits to create and manage your DNS zone.