Web services

Load Balancers

Pikacloud load balancers allow the dynamic distribution of HTTP and HTTPS requests across your computing resources.
Load balancers act as a reverse proxy and support rewrite rules and HTTP headers custom setup. Learn more»

DNS Zones Hosting

Host your DNS zones with Pikacloud DNS Service. Our network of DNS servers is available worldwide. Learn more»

Docker services

Pikacloud Run-agent

Manage the containers of your heterogeneous fleet of servers. Build a private encrypted mesh network between your containers. Real-time system monitoring. Direct shell access to remote container. Container logs streaming. Only requirement is a machine which can run docker containers. Learn more»
Powered by run-agent

Containers Sandbox

Build and run your own temporay container sandbox. Direct shell access and log streaming. Build from GIT or run from a Docker Registry.
Learn more»
Powered by run-agent

Docker Images Builder

Your own private Images Build System running in your own servers. Build from a GIT repository, push to a Docker Image Registry. Learn more»

Docker Private Images Registry

Upload your Docker images to your Pikacloud Docker Images Registry. Share your private images with other Pikacloud users. Learn more»


Pikacloud provides official and supported API, libraries and tools.