About Us

Expert engineers building reliable hosting services for Dev&Ops.

Designing, building and delivering applications as a service is a new paradigm in IT engineering that needs to be handled by everyone involved in creating connected software. Code is not enough anymore, it needs to be published and updated live, it needs to be available 24/7 in the most secure context to gain the basis of customer trust.

Pikacloud proposes a simple, reliable and industry-standard way to handle all the operationnal aspects of your application, letting you focus on your app and your customers.

Linux, DevOps and clouds enthusiasts, the Pikacloud team is fond of open source technologies and works hand to hand with customers to ease the setup of every aspect around web applications engineering.

Meta Cloud Build your own cloud of services by aggregating all your different provider resources with Pikacloud.

Architecture unlocking Pikacloud do not enforce a cloud provider. We provide services anywhere your application run.

Quality included Senior developers and reliability engineers build and run Pikacloud with great since 2016.

Benjamin Jorand
CEO & Founder
dev ops golang docker

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François Brunhes
Software engineer
linux golang django docker

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